I made a YouTube comment that drove guys wild

In April, I stumbled across a YouTube video of a woman who had strapped a gopro to her head, looking down her tank top at her breasts.

She started to run, and it became really obvious that she was not supported in the way that one well-endowed woman should be when running. I grimaced, imagining the pain, and left a comment.


Not my finest hour, especially with the counselling call on the end, but certainly not terrible.

Almost immediately, I started getting responses. This is a selection of the unedited responses from men.

azulraver23130 Just because you don’t get the sand attention as her lol
Richard Hannah Someone is jelly.
xZellOne Fat chicks be saying fat shit.
mauro ienna like get real… n why so much hate?? ohh right you prolly can’t see your toes 🙂
Steven Martinez Besides, you don’t look like you run too often anyways.
kurosaki ichigo cut her some slack guys.. we all know that her tits are bouncing like that when she is eating mcdonalds..
Chaz Tsui dont be jealous of her, just because she is more sexier than you and have more “likes” on youtube than people paying any attentions to you. btw her tits looks much better than you saggy fat disgusting tits
Jaakarhut You just jealous
jason duchene Cate Owen is what we like to call a “fat linda” shes hate other people for looking better than her.
ace10hunter29 You don’t even look like you run… Stfu

And they’re still posting them!

It looks like Google’s done a fairly decent cull. One gentleman with the username “googlemademedoit” took my comment very personally. He left long, graphic messages detailing what he thought of my appearance, why I needed to shut up, what I needed to do to make myself presentable to the world, how I should take myself out of the world… I’m pretty happy to see his comments – and his entire account – have been removed. Thank you, Google!

So. That’s the comment that drove the boys wild. They don’t get this bent out of shape about the injustice in the world, about starving children, oppressive dictators, animal abuse, or the 1% problem, but bring some reality to their fap material and anything’s game.

I made a YouTube comment that drove guys wild
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