Stuff I like: January 2015

We are long overdue for this installment of Stuff I Like so lets get stuck in!

This motivational message

Acapulco chairs.designerchair

I know it’s really uncool to buy knockoffs but there’s no way I’m putting two $700 chairs out the front of my house. But I really like the way acapulcos look AND thanks to my friend Sal, who runs an amazing design blog at Covet & Co, I picked up two in black from Bunnings for $89 each.

Bunnings have a fab range of colours, too. My local (at Three Kings) had black, white, orange, and blue. I kindof regret not getting the blue because it’s such a summery colour but that’s okay.


Kerastase touche finaletouche-finale

Meanwhile, I bought some of this anti-frizz/polishing serum on a whim and BAM, it’s awesome. It will set you back $45 for 30mls but you use so little of it that it’s pretty good value for money. Looking at some of the reviews online, yup, it’s a keeper.



renee-chin-insertRenee Chin

When I was wandering around Victoria Park Market the other day, I spied a tui wearing a hat. Not really, but artist Renee Chin was there with some of her drawings, and that was among them. I had to have it, so snapped it up and it now sits happily with my other weird and wonderful pieces. Don’t worry, you can buy the print, as well as have it on bags, and tea towels. Check out her Facebook page for more.


This Girl Can

Just… Watch.