The Adele Butter Dance explained

Adele Butter Dance

There’s a video that’s in the beginning stages of viral – and it won’t be too long before it becomes a fully fledged “thing”.

The reason for the viral is partially because the video is very funny, partially because it’s very odd.

An Indonesian woman dances in heels and a short skirt, on butter, to Adele’s Someone Like You.

Just watch the video.


Melati Suryodarmo is a performance artist. In the original piece, she dances for 20 minutes on 20 blocks of butter to Indonesian shamanistic drums. When a YouTuber got hold of the clip, he replaced the original music with Adele, and so a viral video was born.

Here she is, dancing to Skrillex. It’s not quite as poignant though.

And incase you were wondering, here’s the original butter dance, complete with all the, erm, natural sound effects.