Meet Todrick Hall: Your next top YouTube star

If you like Disney, and you like pop music, it’s time to get amongst Todrick Hall – if you haven’t already!

The first Todrick Hall video I ever watched was Beauty and the Beat. No, not the Nicki and Justin song. This is much, much better.

Then there’s CinderFella, featuring Janice Dickinson and Lance Bass. Hello!

Inspired by Beyonce’s Pepsi commercial…

His Once Upon A Crime series is funny, but this one is the best: (NSFW)

So subscribe and enjoy!

Social Media Revolution 2012 (a parody)

With lines like “If Twitter raised the character limit from 140 to 200, it would finally allow 90 million´╗┐ German speakers to finish a sentence” and “The world’s 2nd most´╗┐ common lie after “I love you too” is “You have successfully been unsubscribed from our database””, this parody video is well worth a watch.