Ouka’s Amazing Ring Art

Ouka is a Japanese artist who performs amazing acts with rings. He will make you suspend your belief in gravity, and the fact he only has two hands.

While performing across Japan and France, his first YouTube clip reached a million views quickly – a feat my google translator tells me he’s very proud of. You can check out Ouka’s site here, but be warned – it’s all in Japanese!

Meanwhile, check out his performances – they are rad.

The rings:

Doing some David Bowie styles:

5 awesome projection mapping ads

Video mapping has been around for a while, but never fails to impress me as a fun medium that makes an impression. Samsung have just released a new clip, projecting onto a model’s face and torso, so I figured I’d show you a couple of my favourite video mapping ads.

Here’s Samsung’s offering:

Interactive projection that responded to the audience’s noise:

Toyota also used the technology to market their Auris Hybrid:

Hyundai have also used it to show off their Accent in Kuala Lumpur:

And PlayStation3 got amongst – no SFX, no post production, no cuts:

PS3 Part 2

PS3 Part 3


Madeon live mashup

Just… watch.

Madeon is this 17-year-old French DJ who has mashed up a bunch of his favourite tracks. This clip’s had over 200,000 views in a couple of days, and I think it’s set to rise higher than that before the journey peaks.