Stuff I like: The November 2014 edition

Here’s some of what I’m enjoying right now!

Alex and Corban winning The Block NZ
After literally months of people slagging them off, tall poppy styles, saying they didn’t deserve to be in the competition because they’d built a high-spec house before, Alex and Corban won The Block NZ 3. Cue outrage. But then, being the total GCs they are, they gave $30k of their winnings to the couple who only made $10k. Suddenly the haters are silenced, and people can see that they’re just a young couple, making something of themselves, and refusing to do it without honouring those around them. What a wonderful example of good winning out over gossip.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

What is that app about?!?? TELL ME MORE.

Evie Kemp’s fine art prints


Evie is an Auckland artist who makes amazing, bright animal prints in various sizes. I’ve seen them in shops before, but only just realised that I follow her on Twitter! Check out her website, for all kinds of goodies.

She also has this useful guide on displaying your art!

Patrick Gower’s Instagram
The inner workings of parliament and politicians being dorks, as well as Paddy’s journey through life. Awesome.

Russel Norman waits for Glenn Greenwald interview to start.

A photo posted by Patrick Gower (@patrickgowernz) on

Finally, This video

Stuff I like: October 2014

It’s been a while since I published a Stuff I Like post, but here we go!

Taylor Swift’s latest – Out Of The Woods – is on repeat. So good.

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashesruby-sub
If you’re like me and like the look of false lashes but get really fucked off trying to stick them on and end up gluing your eyelids together, I have a solution for you. My friend recently started selling younique products, and managed to convince cynical old me to try this mascara after posting this pic of her daughter to Facebook.

And it works! This isn’t a photoshop job. If you want to order, it’s $50 delivered.

It takes a little practice to get it right, but once its on, it stays on, and is pretty easy to remove at the end of the day. Or, you know, the next morning. Or the day after that. No judgement.

Skins Season 1
I got the dvds from my friend Kat about six months ago and left them on the shelf, thinking I’d get around to watching them at some point. Well, that point was last weekend.


How have none of you made me watch this before now?

Skins revolves around a group of British teenagers and how they cope with crap parents, trying to find a girlfriend, getting beaten up, etc. Each episode focuses on one teen, and shows their world in relation to the others. It’s intimate, gripping, funny, and sad.

Shadow Boxes

Yay, they’re back!

I bought a shadow box from Typo, who have some really great designs at the moment, but you could also build one if you’re so inclined. I’m not, so $40 later, I now have a box hanging on my bedroom wall, displaying my bangles and bracelets.

Countdown delivery discount codes
What’s better than not going to the supermarket? Getting it delivered to your door. Better still, when that delivery is free (or heavily discounted!). Yes, Countdown is no Pak ‘n Save when it comes to prices, but I will pay extra to not deal with being inside Pak ‘n Save. I get so overwhelmed, and the high packed shelves freak me out. So. Countdown. They deliver! And it’s about $15. A quick Google search can get that shiz down to about $5. So so so so so so good.


Stuff I like: June 2014

It’s time for another edition of Stuff I Like!

Balloon lamps

I stumbled across balloon lamps on a blog I frequent, and tweeted about them.

Judging by the response to this tweet, you all like them, too! Unfortunately, they’re pricey. Like, 400 Euro pricey.

This YouTube clip


maleficent-playbillOther than Girl, Interrupted, I’m not a huge Angelina Jolie movie fan. However, I had heard good things about Maleficent, and being a Wicked fan, I was interested to see how Disney would present the other side of the story.

This movie was great. She was convincing, the fight scenes were strong, but most of all it told an interesting story of a woman wronged who didn’t need no man to rescue her, which is a very unusual bent in Hollywood, let alone Disney.

Anyway, I won’t say too much on the subject, other than I really, really liked this film and will be getting the DVD when it’s out.

Painted Plates
I’ve been collecting upcycled/repainted plates from Niki at Odd One Out for a while now. These aren’t your nana’s wall-hangings! I really love her style, and if you get in touch with her directly she can design something just for you. I’ve had her put friend’s tattoos onto plates before. They make great pressies and look amazing!

Tiny Houses


Some of you know I’m obsessed with tiny houses. I’ll blog about them later, but if you’re interested to know more, especially the tiny house movement in New Zealand, check out this website.

This Anderson Cooper burn

‘Nuff said.

Stuff I Like: May 2014

Sorry it’s been so long between drinks on the “stuff I like” front – I’ve been busy! I finally visited the RE:Start container mall in Christchurch, which has inspired a couple of these entries. If you haven’t had a chance to get to Chch post-quakes and see what’s going on down there, I strongly recommend it. Anyway, into the stuff!

Tove Lo

I blogged about Tove Lo a while ago, and it’s been great to hear her now playing on radio in New Zealand [/humblebrag]. Her music is sad and strong, and just the right balance of pop and indie rock. Check her out!

This gif

Bow ties on babies

Not even sorry.

This is a cool kid.


That bow tie and a bunch of other amazing NZ products are available at HAPA – a Christchurch store in the container mall, but more importantly, ONLINE! Boom. There goes your afternoon.

CODA: Stuff Kat Jenkins likes
Serial by The Honest Food Company
This stuff is grain free, and packed with protein to keep you going all morning. It’s one of those rare cases of something that’s good for you also tasting incredible. The texture is unique – managing to be satisfyingly chewy and crunchy at the same time.

A little goes a long way. You only need a couple of tablespoons mixed with some yoghurt and fruit for a fast healthy breakfast at your desk. I’m loving it with The Dairy Collective’s Coconuts yoghurt and some fresh fruit.

Available at

Stuff I like: March 2013

Here’s the stuff I’m loving this month!

This gif:


This gif:

Speaking of Kevin Spacey in House of Cards… House Of Cards.
If you haven’t seen this yet, what the frick and frack? The whole first season is available, legit, on the TV3 website for the next couple of weeks. Yes, my friends run that site, but it doesn’t change the fact that this show is the business.

Broods – Bridges


Now give the website a go!

Here’s my video ๐Ÿ™‚

Stuff I like: February 2014

Here’s some things I’m loving this month!

Maincare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads

I wrote about nail polish last month, and this month I’m writing about getting it off. I found these Manicare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads in a pharmacy and I am sold for life!

They’re perfect for travel, and the coconut smell is a huge win over the traditional pink acetone.

While a little more expensive than the more traditional methods, at $4.99 for 32, they’re well worth the investment for the convenience.ย One wipe will do both feet or both hands in a couple of minutes. No more spilling acetone all over the furniture, these things are my new best friend.

This Kanye gif

Rose & Thorne lingerie

Here’s to good-fitting, well-priced, NZ designed bras and knickers!

With a wide range of sizes (10A – 20G), cute designs and free delivery in NZ, I’ve been enjoying R&T a lot since I discovered them a few months ago. The company is 100% employee-owned, they create new designs around customer feedback, and they’re doing nice things on social media, too.

Give them a go!

Nice Cream

Nice Cream is pricey, but as far as dairy-free* icecream goes: It is the business. Like Rose & Thorne, Nice Cream’s producer Tommy & James is a Kiwi company. Vanilla Bean is my favourite – there’s just the right balance between the coconut cream base and the vanilla. Mango is also a goer.

*and soy free. And gluten free. And vegan.

Deleting Candy Crush








I recently deleted Candy Crush and that was an awesome decision.

Willy Moon: Here’s Willy Moon

I heard Willy play live during X Factor NZ and really liked him, but never bothered to listen to his album. Big mistake. You’ve probably heard his track Yeah Yeah, but the whole album is full of 1950s infused rock pop running samples that sound vaguely hip hop. I swear half of them sound like Kanye had a baby with James Dean. Or, what I think that would sound like.

Here’s an example – Railway Track samples The ARC Choir’s Walk With Me, which Kanye used on Jesus Walks.

Here’s the ARC Choir

And classic Kanye

I know I’m really late to this party, but Kiwi kid dun good things.

Stuff I like: January 2014

It feels like I discover useful and fun stuff all the time, so I’ve started a new feature – the stuff I’m digging each month. It could be movies or books; music or a new gadget; an app or some miracle make up. So here’s the inaugural edition!

Wet Wipes

An oldie but a goodie. You don’t need to shell out $10 for 30 make up remover wipes: Baby wipes are about 80 for $3. I keep a couple packets around the house, one in the car, and a small packet in my handbag. They demolish spills, cool you down, clean your hands in a pinch, and get rid of stray makeup.

This gif

USB plug for your car

I picked one up for $8.99 at a service station and I haven’t looked back. Now I can charge my phone/kindle/friends phone on the go. It just fits in to your lighter/electrical point, and charges pretty quickly. If you see one of these for sale somewhere, grab it! In the same vein, if you have a chance to buy a solar powered USB charger, don’t even think twice, just buy that thing. My friend’s one saved me this summer.

flashpopL.A. Colors FlashPop

How can something that is $3 from The Warehouse be any good? Well, I don’t know how, but this nail polish is a bit of fun and actually decent.

This double-ended… thing… has the base colour at one end and a sparkly overlay on the other. Unless you’re like me – I painted four nails on each hand the base and used the sparkles for just one finger.

For a proper review – and where I ripped this images from, check out Breezy’s blog.


Linden Leaves Lip Balm

This balm has organic white tea, almond oil and manuka honey. It’s super-moisturising without being sticky, and isn’t tinted or shiny. Aaaand it is NZ made! Love love love! I won this from a raffle at the RSA at Christmastime (thanks, nana!) and I know it’s going to become a staple.

Beyonce – XO

The song of the summer, I reckon.

Great Barrier Island.

Read my post on the awesome Great Barrier.


If you’ve got any suggestions for things I should try, leave me a comment!


A Quick Escape: Great Barrier Island

Over new years I was lucky enough to go to Great Barrier Island, New Zealand’s fourth largest island, sitting in the outer Hauraki Gulf. I’d heard a little about it – that it was “off the grid” and “rustic” – but didn’t really have any expectations.

The place is gorgeous, unspoiled, vast and varied. The locals are super-friendly and the beaches are easily some of the best in the country.

If you like Waiheke, but wish there were fewer people, and more scenery, Great Barrier should be your next destination, for sure.

My top tips for the island:

Getting there: You can catch a ferry or fly, both priced around $120 one way. The car ferry, which takes walk-on passengers too, takes about four and a half hours. You can get a commuter ferry which only takes two. Do that, if you can. Also note that taxi drivers have no idea where the Sealink terminal is at North Wharf. The ferry dumps you out on the south-east tip of the island and you’ll need some way of getting to wherever you’re staying. We rented a car.

First view as you come in on the ferry
First view as you come in on the ferry

Travel: Renting a car is best. There were quite a few hitchhikers, the roads were designed by drunk circus clowns, and our lodge had a bus, but we were grateful to have our own ride. By the way, petrol is $3.30 a litre.

Eating: Food is really expensive over there, so take your own or budget extra. Bread was $6+ per loaf, and an iceblock can set you back $4. A meal out – a main and a beer – cost $45, and it wasn’t fancy. Yeoch. You can drink water from the tap, but it tastes a bit funny.

Swimming: The west coast is lovely for a relaxing dip. My favourite was Puriri Bay in Tryphena Harbour – it was awesome. The east coast beaches are a bit wilder and great for surfers, especially the Medlands. Remember to take your sunscreen and plenty of water to drink! There are hot springs in the middle of the island, it’s about a 40 minute walk in the bush to get to them.

Tryphena Harbour at sunset
Tryphena Harbour at sunset

Snorkling: Borrow or buy a cheap set and just get out there. The water on the west coast of the island is crystal clear and very calm. It’s just lovely. I wish I had done this.

Eco-island stuff:ย Most places run off generators or batteries, and they go on and off. Take a solar powered charger with you, and make sure your kindle is fully-charged before you leave home. Most places have tank water, so don’t expect long hot showers, and if you’re afraid of longdrops, Great Barrier is not the place for you. Most places have eftpos, but take cash with you.

Port FitzRoy takes a lot to get to, but is worth it
Port FitzRoy takes a lot to get to, but is worth it

Internet access:ย I was on Telecom and used 3G the whole time. The only place it was patchy was Port FitzRoy, but the locals tell me it’s because Telecom don’t put gas in their generator. Apparently Vodafone works fine.

I’d highly recommend Great Barrier Island for a getaway. I’ll be going back!

Two reasons to love Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Yorkshire who is about to become your new musical obsession.

She’s hit The X Factor UK like a breath of fresh air, winning hearts when she sings her own songs, losing them when she sings other people’s.

Her initial audition, singing Last Night, a humorous ode to drinking too much, saw her go through to the next round.

Her next original song was Tea and Toast and came during the bootcamp round.

Now she’s through to the finals – and you know who I’m hoping will see it through!