Best Kiwi Tweets of Christmas 2012

Happy holidays, everyone!

The People of Twitter didn’t let the silly season get to them. Much.

There were gifts
robtreacher I now have incredibly sexy underwear. All I need now is a wax job and 6 months in the gym…
Sportzfreak Those 1000 things to do / see / hear / visit / cook etc before you die books make great gifts. But not for the elderly

We watched some TV
AnnaGConnell Mum and are watching ‘Kendra On Top’. Mum seems to know a lot about her.
TophHooperton ‘To my brother, the richest guy in town’. You may now commence sobbing like a middle aged divorcee. #ItsAWonderfulLife
rarahsobson I am so emotionally invested in this one direction tv documentary.

We ate some food. Mostly Trifle.
joesomething_ Trifle for all meals.
MoataTamaira Trifle breakfast, round 1 underway.
AnnaCoddington At Christmas time your second helping of pudding better be AT LEAST as big as your first was.
dane_0k I’d like to throw a baby shower for my food baby

We drank a little
allstarangel In hindsight six shots of sambuca in six minutes was not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.
_HannahTweets_  I am clearly the drunkest of my family right now because I just sang happy birthday to baby Jesus as “grace” before we ate.
Rageaholic_ I’m about to put the code thing on my phone ….#crhishmis
Stitchpunk …,,a bit sozzled, just quietly..which not stop me having more when we get home….
unstatusfactory Christmas made me drunk.
VickyRF Eggnog is made! Everything from this point on may be a blur.

We had interactions with whanau
toryhipster Cousin’s boyfriend calls himself the Timinator. Fuck. Send help.
Rose_Matafeo “So, have you seen any good film recently” – actual conversation I tried to make with my 3 yr old nephew
hakiclark You’d be proud of me. Uncle asked how I was, told him. “I’m all for counselling” he says. “Tell me how it goes”. So that was unexpected.
Tenani I feel like at Christmas everyone tweets about how weird their family is & in doing so realises since every family is weird none of them are
mattdeevee 1.5 hour Skype session with the family in NZ… 4 generations sharing Christmas at the same time on opposite ends of the world. Priceless!!!
kathadu Wearing a top that is entirely inappropriate for Christmas with the ex. Oh well. It fits and it’s comfy. Merry Cleavage everyone

It was hot
karenhurley 830pm and haven’t started cooking Xmas dinner yet. Too damn hot. Poor kids been surviving on carrots & corn chips.

Some weird stuff went down
I_Am_Artemis My chicken has the right idea, she is fast asleep in the tree.
ashleigh_young Just passed a bunch of people having their Christmas lunch in the middle of a roundabout. Picnic table and umbrella and everything.

And there were some adorkable grinches
guywilliamsguy So many people have wished me a “Merry Christmas” this year, I’m feeling a lot of pressure to live up to such high expectations!
terror_nz Goddamn I hate Christmas. Which Santa was never born.
blendy All the boxing day sales emails coming at once are making it easy to unsubscribe from all the annoying mailing lists I’m on.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays,  New Zealand. And for the first time ever, I’ll let Brad have the last word!

Kiwi_Chatter Ngā mihi nui mō te Kirihimete.