Stuff I like: The November 2014 edition

Here’s some of what I’m enjoying right now!

Alex and Corban winning The Block NZ
After literally months of people slagging them off, tall poppy styles, saying they didn’t deserve to be in the competition because they’d built a high-spec house before, Alex and Corban won The Block NZ 3. Cue outrage. But then, being the total GCs they are, they gave $30k of their winnings to the couple who only made $10k. Suddenly the haters are silenced, and people can see that they’re just a young couple, making something of themselves, and refusing to do it without honouring those around them. What a wonderful example of good winning out over gossip.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

What is that app about?!?? TELL ME MORE.

Evie Kemp’s fine art prints


Evie is an Auckland artist who makes amazing, bright animal prints in various sizes. I’ve seen them in shops before, but only just realised that I follow her on Twitter! Check out her website, for all kinds of goodies.

She also has this useful guide on displaying your art!

Patrick Gower’s Instagram
The inner workings of parliament and politicians being dorks, as well as Paddy’s journey through life. Awesome.

Russel Norman waits for Glenn Greenwald interview to start.

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Finally, This video

Instagram to add video

Facebook-owned Instagram is taking a leaf out of Vine and Snapchat’s book, and is adding video functionality to their app.



The one thing that still really annoys me about Instagram is that their Twitter Cards no longer work, and images don’t display in Twitter proper. This is a huge advantage to Vine, but not enough to dent Instagram’s popularity, I’m sure.

Instagram still seems to be operating fairly independently of it’s parent, but what impact will this have on Facebook? At the moment, Insta-Facey integration is lackluster – to see the photos at a decent size, you have to come out of the Facebook environment and onto Instagram, but hopefully instavideos shared onto Facebook will embed, rather than link.

Bring on the video filters!

There’s one other Insta-upgrade many of us are still waiting for, though…