These ‘Kimye on The Cover of Vogue’ remixes are the best thing you’ll see all day

It started with this somewhat controversial image: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover of April’s Vogue.


Many fashion purists wondered what editor Anna Wintour was thinking, but she’s gone on to defend having the pair feature.

The muppets, who might just be the real bastions of popular culture, shot back with this amazing image:


Please note the subtle dig at Vogue in the title – and that one-upmanshipped hashtag.

Longtime Kimye tribute artist James Franco is also not one to let an opportunity pass, and posted this to his Facebook wall…


It’s probably time we revisit this.

I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Stuff I like: February 2014

Here’s some things I’m loving this month!

Maincare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads

I wrote about nail polish last month, and this month I’m writing about getting it off. I found these Manicare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads in a pharmacy and I am sold for life!

They’re perfect for travel, and the coconut smell is a huge win over the traditional pink acetone.

While a little more expensive than the more traditional methods, at $4.99 for 32, they’re well worth the investment for the convenience. One wipe will do both feet or both hands in a couple of minutes. No more spilling acetone all over the furniture, these things are my new best friend.

This Kanye gif

Rose & Thorne lingerie

Here’s to good-fitting, well-priced, NZ designed bras and knickers!

With a wide range of sizes (10A – 20G), cute designs and free delivery in NZ, I’ve been enjoying R&T a lot since I discovered them a few months ago. The company is 100% employee-owned, they create new designs around customer feedback, and they’re doing nice things on social media, too.

Give them a go!

Nice Cream

Nice Cream is pricey, but as far as dairy-free* icecream goes: It is the business. Like Rose & Thorne, Nice Cream’s producer Tommy & James is a Kiwi company. Vanilla Bean is my favourite – there’s just the right balance between the coconut cream base and the vanilla. Mango is also a goer.

*and soy free. And gluten free. And vegan.

Deleting Candy Crush








I recently deleted Candy Crush and that was an awesome decision.

Willy Moon: Here’s Willy Moon

I heard Willy play live during X Factor NZ and really liked him, but never bothered to listen to his album. Big mistake. You’ve probably heard his track Yeah Yeah, but the whole album is full of 1950s infused rock pop running samples that sound vaguely hip hop. I swear half of them sound like Kanye had a baby with James Dean. Or, what I think that would sound like.

Here’s an example – Railway Track samples The ARC Choir’s Walk With Me, which Kanye used on Jesus Walks.

Here’s the ARC Choir

And classic Kanye

I know I’m really late to this party, but Kiwi kid dun good things.