Review: Cantina at the Auckland Arts Festival


Cantina is scary, funny, mind-bending and beautiful.

Described as “a spectacularly dark and dangerous cocktail of circus”, it’s cabaret featuring characters who titillate and at the same time, frighten; Acts of stupidity or bravery, depending on how you look at them; And people who make you laugh, and a heartbeat later, gasp.

The men are breathtakingly handsome, full of roguish, flirty charm, and the women live comfortably flowing between doe-eyed innocence and all out sadism – what else would you expect in a world where walking a tightrope in high heels is all in a day’s work.

I recommend you catch it as part of the Auckland Arts Festival, currently on in Auckland.

Tickets are $65 and the show runs til Sunday.
Contains full nudity and simulated violence.