Win tix to Pitch Perfect

There’s a hot wee movie about to hit cinemas called Pitch Perfect, starring some of my favourite people, including the divine miss Rebel Wilson. Singing. And dancing. And bitching.


The Riff Off

And the MTV lip dub:

Anywho I have somehow found myself with a cinema to fill with people, so want to come to a preview? YEAH YA DO!

It’s next Thursday night, in central Auckland. If I draw your name, I’ll email you the details. Just leave me a comment telling me a fun fact about Rebel Wilson. I’ll draw it on Monday the 24th at 8pm. Boom!

Pitch Perfect will be in NZ cinemas on September 29. Big ups to Paramount for the tickets!

8 Replies to “Win tix to Pitch Perfect”

  1. my fun fact is that Rebel Wilson has a law degree.
    Actually I must fess up i had no idea who she was until I saw your contest on twitter.
    Love your website headline, Cate “because there’s not enough of me on the internet already”. Have to agree. I cant get enough.

  2. She is Australian. I did not know this and it makes me like her more because her awesome-ness was birthed close enough to our homeland that means we all have more of a chance to be awesome like her.

    And by awesome, I mean so hilarious that when I laugh at her jokes I’m scared my intestines will fall out all over my face.

  3. Rebel wears a bitch necklace because she comes from a long line of dog showers. She once got in trouble at kindy for saying ‘that bitch is fat!’ about her teacher!

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