Best Kiwi Tweets of May 2014

Compiled by Kat Jenkins

[Keep reading after Kat’s made her pick for tweet of the month because there’s a special something going on that I don’t want you to miss out on! – Cate]

Domestic gods and goddesses
@TophHooperton I fixed the dishwasher. I pulled it out of the thing and I followed the cable and I wiggled it and it works. #HellaManly
@josiecampbell Being a woman with multi-tasking abilities is awesome. I just simultaneously burned toast and let the fire go out.
@beekaynz 4pm me is super grateful to 9am me for having put dinner in the crockpot. I’m going to make 7pm me an apple crumble as a reward.

Born this way
@aberopitini I finally found the courage to ask about LGBT acceptance in China and my new friends smiled and started singing “Born This Way” and I cried.
@not_friends “Do you want me to turn on the tv?” “No I just want to stare at you. I have strong love feelings for you.” #druggedFrith

The problem with 2014
@Megapope How the hell do you put the Facebook Android feed to most recent and why can’t I explode Mark Zuckerberg with my mind?
@giselledraws The year is 2014, I’m trying to buy envelopes on the internet but can’t because I don’t have a fax machine.
@lmfbs Earlier today I mocked a colleague about having a paper dictionary. Internet went down at work so I shamefully had to ask to borrow it.
@Robbo_Junior Autocorrect and I like to play a little game called Duck Duck Fuck.
@behathrills There’s a kid in Haeata’s class called Kale. Central Auckland, we need to talk.

You can’t choose your family
@annagconnell Dad just called me a wussy liberal pinko for suggesting that someone might let him in if he put his indicator on. Gonna be a long day.
@rosieiscool Miss 9 out of bed. “I’m getting a dictionary to see what porn is” Me: >___< Sit down, I’ll explain, it’s tricky. Miss 9: OK, what’s p.a.w.n
@Tweet_Ti My husband has run out of songs to entertain our demanding child during her bath. He’s currently singing Wilson Philips “Hold On”. Badly.

@nintendoug Now my desk is clean, I’m going to have to deal to this beard. Can’t write an assignment with a shabby beard.

Gluten is still a thing
@tobiasbrockie assuming “gluten tag” is a great joke among the bakeries of germany
@mcquillanatorz My gluten-free banana loaf is many things, but “delicious” or “cooked through” or “tastes like banana” are not among those ??

Stay classy
@Vegrandis I’m really glad pointy cone boobs aren’t in fashion this decade, my boobs only know one shape and that’s a parallelogram.
@Adr1anaDeMarco You ever do that thing after you have a shower, when you just casually laze around in a towel and surf the web. oh yeah ‘surf’ that web
@pinkdeedle I sat on my hand for ages and then picked my nose a bit and it was the weirdest feeling. Like someone else was picking it. The end.

Do I get to choose who wins the Z Energy voucher? If I do, I choose @TophHooperton because he might need some supplies to keep on being MacGuyverlicious.

– @katjnz

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