Review: Cantina at the Auckland Arts Festival


Cantina is scary, funny, mind-bending and beautiful.

Described as “a spectacularly dark and dangerous cocktail of circus”, it’s cabaret featuring characters who titillate and at the same time, frighten; Acts of stupidity or bravery, depending on how you look at them; And people who make you laugh, and a heartbeat later, gasp.

The men are breathtakingly handsome, full of roguish, flirty charm, and the women live comfortably flowing between doe-eyed innocence and all out sadism – what else would you expect in a world where walking a tightrope in high heels is all in a day’s work.

I recommend you catch it as part of the Auckland Arts Festival, currently on in Auckland.

Tickets are $65 and the show runs til Sunday.
Contains full nudity and simulated violence.

Like Crazy – Review

Last night I had a chance to see Like Crazy – a love story that is both surprising and honest.

It follows young lovers, British Anna (Felicity Jones, Brideshead Revisited, Chalet Girl) and American Jacob (Anton Yelchin, Hearts in Atlantis, Star Trek), as they negotiate an intercontinental romance. Alex Kingston, known best for her role in ER, also gets a nice outing in this film.

Set on a backdrop of beautiful cinematography, their love story slowly grows from initial long looks into a much deeper connection. I found myself both rooting for and frustrated by the characters. I needed to know how this one ended, and I wanted it to be a happy one. Was it? You’ll just have to watch.

The film has picked up a few awards, most notably the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, and a Special Jury nod to Jones for her acting.

Like Crazy will be in New Zealand cinemas from February 2.

Watch the trailer