Dear 20-year-old Me

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the time I wasted when I was younger. I wish I could go back ten years and tell myself all the things I know now.

It seems I’m not alone in that.

I put a call out on Twitter, explaining I was writing this blog and was there anything you’d say to 20-year-old you? I got about 50 replies in a matter of minutes! I’m sorry I couldn’t put them all up here – there were many beautiful thoughts, and a few themes emerged. See if you can pick them…

Dear 20-year-old Tara, save some money. even if its just a little.
Dear 20-year-old Aimee, don’t rush into a serious relationship – enjoy being single!
Dear 20-year-old Anna, say thank you. And AVOID DEBT.
Dear 20-year-old Amy, don’t quit uni.
Dear 20-year-old Steve, your 20’s will be gone in a flash. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.
Dear 20-year-old Chris, stay up all night. When you’re older you won’t be able to do it and recover.
Dear 20-year-old Kimi, don’t be afraid to fuck it up, just make sure you learn from it.
Dear 20-year-old J, don’t get a credit card, let alone three.
Dear 20-year-old Allen, plan for the future, then toss out those plans and enjoy the now. Life flies by too quickly!
Dear 20-year-old Kevin, the next 10 years are really going to suck – try to make the most of it, but don’t marry the lesbian. Also, buy shares in Apple.
Dear 20-year-old Orchid, don’t get credit cards or loans because they hold you back.
Dear 20-year-old Matt, take your guns to town, son, don’t leave your guns at home
Dear 20-year-old Nick, don’t propose.
Dear 20-year-old Kat, your flatmate is bad news. Move out before she ruins you. Punch her in the ovaries first.
Dear 20-year-old Josh, get a girlfriend, loser.
Dear 20-year-old Simon, get your act together and don’t miss opportunities.
Dear 20-year-old Stu, listen to your parents. They have lived life and know what’s in store.
Dear 20-year-old Vince, You can be indecisive about ‘work’. DON’T be indecisive about relationships. Work less, holiday more.
Dear 20-year-old Keith, don’t get pissed on your 21st.
Dear 20-year-old Lorne, no credits cards.
Dear 20-year-old Nick, don’t forget to floss. Teeth are expensive.
Dear 20-year-old NF, it’s going to get worse, but then it’s going to get much, much better. Then worse again, but that’ll be okay.
Dear 20-year-old Janine, PLEASE go see as much of the world as you can – broaden your horizons. Being RESPECTFUL of the cultures and the places you visit.
Dear 20-year-old Katherine, uni will always be there. Take the chances you’re given and explore… the world… other employment opps.
Dear 20-year-old Becs, life is not supposed to be shit. Seek professional help.
Dear 20-year-old Alexandra, buy more shares now, don’t be afraid to tell people you love them & wear sunscreen.
Dear 20-year-old Andrea, no one is judging you except you
Dear 20-year-old Sam, you shouldn’t have given any fucks.
Dear 20-year-old Danielle, you’re 20, so you are obviously totally cute. Stop worrying about it.
Dear 20-year-old Stacey, you are a fucking rockstar. stop apologising and stop letting other people tell you what you should be.

If you’re not picking up what we’re putting down: Here it is…

Respect yourself and others. Don’t be a dick with your heart, or with money. Listen to your gut. Be kind to yourself.

And as for 20-year-old Cate? All of the above, plus she needs to know that things really will be okay.

Cos they will be.

Feeling brave? Please add your “Dear 20-year-old me” to the comments. x

3 Replies to “Dear 20-year-old Me”

  1. mine’s up there, but on a side note – will we be doing this again in 10-20 yrs telling our 30-something year old selves to chill out and love our bodies/attitudes/decisions etc? Can we just make a pact to remember to do it today?
    ooh, just went all rogue hippie there, but seriously

  2. It’s okay that there are many mountains in your way. You must learn to move them. It’s good luck to learn this, not back luck.

    And so, so much more.

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