The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I think it’s awesome when people re-tell classic stories. I don’t even mind a modern twist or two.

How about when one combines two of my favourite things: Amusing YouTube clips and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? Yes please! So you know I’m going to love The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is basically a modern take, with a gorgeous Lizze and her two sisters (the older, Jane, a doting sweetheart, the younger, Lydia, a loveable “whore”.)

Episode 1: My Name is Lizzie Bennet

Episode 2: My Sisters: Problematic to Practically Perfect

Episode 3: My Parents: Opposingly Supportive

Episode 4: Bing Lee and his 500 Teenage Prostitutes

Episode 5: After the Wedding: The Real Bing Lee

Episode 6: Snobby Mr. Douchey

Episode 7: The Most Awkward Dance Ever

Episode 8: Charlotte’s Back!

Episode 9: Single and Happyish

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5 reasons to love Jónsi

Jónsi (real name Jón Þór Birgisson) is a singer-songwriter from Iceland who, I think, brings happiness and wonder back into music. He’s released a solo album, but gained fame as part of the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Jónsi sometimes plays his guitar with a cello bow, wears sunglasses through entire shows and has invented his own language, which he calls “Hopelandic”.

So he’s ecclectic. That’s your first reason to love Jónsi. Here’s another four, in musical form:

Jónsi – Animal Arithmetic

Jónsi – Sinking Friendships

Jónsi – Kolniður

Jónsi covers MGMT’s Time to Pretend

I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

5 reasons to love Kimbra

Kimbra is a 21-year-old Kiwi artist who has recently found mainstream fame after online gossip king Perez Hilton labeled her as one-to-watch.

She’s been signed to Warner Brothers, and her debut album Vows is due for release in New Zealand on August 29.

Meanwhile, here’s five clips showing just why you should be paying attention to this young Hamiltonian.

Kimbra’s second single Simply on My Lips gave her her first taste of success – you may recognise it:

Kimbra covers Crowded House’s Fall At Your Feet:

The first single off Vows – Settle Down:

Miami Horror – I Look To You, feat Kimbra:

Finally, my personal favourite: Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know, feat Kimbra:

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! x

UPDATE: After being harassed by Chris Philpott, I’m including a bonus track – Cameo Lover.


YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Then there’s this.


Cate's Plates

Niki and her craftOddOneOut (a.k.a. Niki) is into upcycling vintage plates – amongst other crafty endeavours – and as soon as I stopped by her stall at a local craft fair, I knew I was in trouble. Her designs are gorgeous.

After taking some time out from her job as a textile designer to have a baby, Niki decided to revisit some of her old ideas and passions, and get creative.

“I realized that I absolutely have to be doing something creative or I’m just not that happy,” she wrote on her Felt profile.

“I began to go through some notebooks from my student days and rework some of my ideas.”

And boy, did Niki have some great ideas.

In amongst the beautifully graffitied teapots and somewhat kitsch photoframes, were plates.

Floral plates with deer, floral plates with skulls, floral plates with a picture of a fist sporting “cake” tattooed across the knuckles – this was my idea of art. I got three that day, with plans to add to my collection as new designs – and finances – allow.

You can check out OddOneOut’s Felt store, or catch her around crafty corners of Auckland.

And if you’re looking for a gift for your friend Cate, look no further.